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The Future of Contingent Workforce Management

More than just temporary workers


This report is your essential guide to navigate the changing landscape of contingent workforce management.

What's driving the investment in contingent workers?

How can businesses enhance their contingent workforce management?

How do ownership, cost, and technology factor into the equation?

What strategic steps can companies take in the coming year?

As we traverse another year post-pandemic, many companies are being forced to look closely at their workforce models.

Economic and social changes, coupled with the shift to remote work, have underscored the need for a workforce that can quickly adapt to ever-evolving demands.

The reliance on a flexible workforce has seen a considerable uptick. According to our findings, a staggering 80% of companies are capitalizing on contingent workers, with a third of them planning to increase their investment this year.

The power of a contingent workforce is that it enables companies to bridge talent gaps, cut costs, and boost productivity.

Dig into the nuances of contingent workforce management with this guide.

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