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Equitable and Inclusive Hiring Practices in 2023

Find out how to build an inclusive culture that will be your best selling point in hiring.


Two out of three candidates seek companies that have a diverse and inclusive culture. 

Gain a deep understanding of biases and how to identify and mitigate them.

Improve recruitment processes to be more equitable and inclusive for all.

Create a business case for incorporating D&I into your overall strategy.

Develop a system for assessing candidates fairly.

Emphasizing diversity in hiring is key to attracting and retaining varied talent.

Studies show that diverse and inclusive organizations outperform competitors by 35% and are 70% more likely to tap into new markets. In today’s candidate market, two-thirds of applicants favor companies with diverse and inclusive cultures.

This informative HCI webinar aims to empower talent acquisition teams, recruiters, and hiring managers, arming them with knowledge, tools, and language necessary to combat implicit biases in recruitment.

Topics include identifying and overcoming implicit biases, creating equitable interview processes, and providing diversity training for hiring managers.

Along with access to the webinar, you’ll also get our key takeaways and poll results so you can take action and apply this valuable information to your strategy immediately.

Watch the on-demand replay any time.