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Winning in a COVID World and Beyond

A toolkit for talent acquisition success


Dive deep—master the key skills driving today's business recovery.

Accelerated post-COVID recovery presents unique talent acquisition challenges and opportunities

CEOs are alarmed by skill shortages, with rapid revival leading to a talent demand-supply mismatch

Smart labor market data utilization and a tiered sourcing strategy are game changers in the current landscape

The year 2020 shook the business landscape, paving the way for an accelerated recovery unlike any we've seen before.

With hiring roaring back to life, there's no denying the unique challenges and opportunities that have surfaced. Businesses are rising from the ashes, eager to capitalize on unprecedented consumer demand, while navigating a complex talent acquisition landscape.

Surprisingly, this revival is happening at a pace that leaves the 2009 Housing Recession recovery in the dust, being a staggering 7 times faster.

The looming challenge? Skill shortages. The Economist paints a striking image—with four-fifths of CEOs losing sleep over potential gaps in talent.

Current statistics further amplify this sentiment. A massive 87 percent of companies are either caught in the skill shortage storm or see it on the horizon. From retailers scrambling to secure seasonal staff to manufacturers with bursting order books yet not enough hands on deck, the talent crisis is evident.

This on-demand replay of our webinar arms you with actionable insights to thrive in such challenging waters.

Discover how you can promptly pinpoint the pivotal skills driving business recovery. Master the art of utilizing labor market data to supercharge your talent location strategies. And, unlock the secret doorways to untapped talent reservoirs.

Plus, we'll guide you on orchestrating a tiered sourcing strategy, tailored to meet the evolving needs of your business.

Unlock growth, harness labor market data, and discover hidden talent pools in this on-demand webinar replay!

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